More Google Nest “Did You Knows”: Six Insider Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Smart Home Device

Smart homes are the future, and it’s a future that looks extremely bright. However, the current market is saturated with technology options, and it can be difficult to decide which device – or devices – will best align with your family’s unique needs.

In our last blog post, we explored the various capabilities of Google Nest and explained seven different “did you know” tips and tricks to help homeowners get the most out of their smart home investment. In this blog, we’re continuing that conversation with six more innovations you should know about. Of note, OneStep sells every device mentioned below, and we also specialize in expert in-home consultations and installations. If you see something you like on this list and you want more information, let us know!

1)   Nest Hello Video Doorbell “Familiar Face”


The Nest Hello video doorbell is designed to show you everything at your doorstep, even when you’re away from your home. The technology system replaces your existing wired doorbell and delivers 4:3 HD video and bright, crisp images directly to your smartphone – even in the dark! You can check the camera 24/7 and go back and look through a 3-hour snapshot history to see anything you may have missed. Pretty cool, right? But did you know that Nest Hello also has a “Familiar Face” feature? That’s right – through the power of facial recognition AI, Nest Hello can let a homeowner know exactly who’s at the door. So, instead of announcing “Hey, somebody is at the front door,” through a Google speaker, the system will send an alert like “Hey, Katie Gates is at the front door.” No more surprise visits from friends, family, or the neighbors.

2)   Nest WiFi Router & Point Combo System


Nest WiFi isn’t like regular WiFi; it’s so much better. Did you know that one Nest WiFi router and one Nest WiFi point is strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices, and fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time? Oh, and every Nest WiFi point is also a smart speaker with Google Assistant. Whereas traditional routers have relatively limited coverage and can become spotty as you move throughout your home, Nest WiFi blankets your entire house in reliable coverage, and automatically updates to keep your network and internet users safe and sound from dangerous websites. Depending on the size of your home, Google has different device recommendations. For up to 2,200 square feet, you’ll need one router. For up to 3,800 square feet, you’ll need one router and one point. For up to 5,400 square feet, you’ll need one router and two points. It’s that easy.

3)   Nest X Yale Lock “Auto Re-Lock”


The Nest x Yale Lock offers next-level home protection with key-free, tamper-proof technology. As Google puts it, most locks are made for keys, but the Nest x Yale Lock is made for people. With the Nest x Yale Lock, you can unlock your door from anywhere, give people you trust a passcode, and check your door status using help from Google Assistant. But did you know that the Nest x Yale Lock also has an auto re-lock feature that will automatically lock your door when you’re away from home? All you need to do is flip on Home/Away Assist in the Nest app on your smartphone, and you’ll never wonder whether you forgot to lock up again! Talk about peace of mind. The system will automatically track the location of your smartphone and knows when you’re away from your home. If it notices any activity while you’re away, you’ll get an alert.

4)   Nest Hello Video Doorbell + Google Home Hub


Google Nest’s umbrella of smart home products are designed to work better together – AKA, when you have more than one device installed in your home. And there’s a lot of devices to choose from including smart speakers, smart displays, streaming devices, thermostats, smoke detectors, WiFi routers, smart doorbells, cameras, and smart locks. One combination that works especially well together is the Nest Hello Video Doorbell and the Google Home Hub. When you set up both devices so they can communicate with each other, you can see who’s at your front door and speak to them through Google Home Hub’s display, in addition to the Nest Hello Video Doorbell camera, microphone, and speaker. For added convenience, you can bundle both products as a package for less money than if you were to buy them each separately. Now that’s a smart way to shop for your smart home!

5)   Google Nest Learning Thermostat


Did you know that your thermostat controls about 50% of your home’s energy bill? Thankfully, Google invented the Nest Learning Thermostat, which can help save you energy automatically.  Its features have been proven to save an average of 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling in the United States. That adds up to about $145 a year… enough to pay for itself in just two years! Now you’re saving energy AND money. Sweet. The Nest Learning Thermostat actively monitors your home’s heating and cooling system to ensure everything’s running smoothly, so you and your family will always be cozy and comfortable. Plus, you can catch any system issues early before they create expensive problems. If something doesn’t seem right with your home’s HVAC system, the Nest Learning Thermostat will send you an alert and help you find a qualified, local pro for expert in-home support.

6)   Video Cameras + Two-Way Communication


Video cameras are great; they let you see what’s happening inside and outside your home. However, the Google Nest Indoor & Outdoor Video Cameras take that important capability up a notch by including a microphone and speaker within each system! Not only can you see who’s on the other side of your camera’s lens, but you can also have a two-way conversation with them. Ask the mailman to leave a package by the garage door, remind your kids that it’s time for bed, and say hello to your spouse when you’re away on a business trip – really, Nest Cams can do it all. With Google’s Indoor & Outdoor Video Cameras, you can see snapshots of the past three hours for free. And if you upgrade to the Nest Aware subscription for just $6 per month, you can see 30 full days of event video history. Talk about peace of mind.


According to Media Post via a 2019 study by the Consumer Technology Association, “the majority (69%) of U.S. households now own at least one smart home device… that translates to 83 million households and of those, 18% or 22 million homes, own more than one smart home product.” And after a year like 2020, with people spending more time at home than ever before, the market for smart home products is expected to rise to unprecedented heights. It’s extremely possible that one day in the not-so-far future, smart home products will be as commonplace in American households as personal laptop computers or iPhones, and it’ll be difficult to imagine a time when they weren’t as equally ubiquitous.


That said, now’s an ideal time to invest in the comfort, convenience, peace of mind, and energy efficiency of your home. Although smart home companies claim their products are easy to install, we always recommend a professional installation to ensure everything’s properly connected and communicating. With OneStep on your side, you can have exactly that – a simplified installation experience and an optimally operating smart home. If you’re ready to take the plunge and shop for smart home products, OneStep is the right place. Not only do we provide professional install jobs, but we also do in-home and virtual consultations so you can be sure you’re buying exactly what you need. Give us a call at 877-346-2279 to get started.