Optical Digital-Audio Cable

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Product Details

  • High performance Optical Digital-Audio Cable for everyday use.
    • AudioQuest optical cables use low-dispersion fiber for improved performance characterized by smoother, more intelligible sound. Typical optical cables use low-quality fiber that suffers from greater impurities, resulting in higher dispersion and more distortion. AudioQuest optical cables use high-quality precision-machined connectors. A digital audio cable is one of the most important audio cables in your system. All audio channels depend on the one cable to deliver undistorted sound.

    • Corruption of timing information, known as “jitter,” is the primary distortion in digital audio. Imperfections in an optical fiber scatter the light information. The light then takes many different paths within the fiber, each path having a slightly different length. This smearing of time information leads to misinterpretation of the digital data, eventually giving you sound with less clarity and more irritation.
    • The core of the Forest is a single finely polished, low-distortion polymer fiber conductor that minimizes signal loss and jitter (time-based distortion). The cable has full-size Toslink connectors at each end, reinforced by a brass ferrule, which helps ensure ideal light transmission for the highest quality sound.
    • Optical cables carry signals as pulses of light rather than a stream of electrons, so they are virtually impervious to magnetic or electrical interference. Unlike cables made of wire which require some type of metal connector to transfer the signal between components, in an optical cable, the very tip of the connector is the fiber itself, and it requires special polishing to reduce light refractions.
  • Included with purchase:
    • Connection of optical cable to desired devices