Customer TV Set up and Connect 51" or Larger

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Product Details

  • Included with purchase:
    • Configuring up to two Smart TV/Blu-Ray apps for media streaming (i.e. Netflix, Pandora, CinemaNow, etc.)
      Programming of up to two remotes (if provided) for input devices if universal codes are available
      Connecting one new or existing television to the corresponding video components in a single room (i.e. TV & cable/satellite box, DVD/Blu-Ray player, console game systems, etc.) *
      Performing any critical software/firmware updates
      Demonstrating how to use newly connected TV

  • Not included:
    • Mounting of TVs or speakers


    • * Technician may also be required to connect Non-DIRECTV equipment as specified by work order. Examples of eligible equipment to install are, but not limited to:
      • Televisions, including connecting power and video interconnect cables to High and Standard definition and Projection sets
      • VCR, DVD, HD-DVD and/or Blu-ray players connection to television
      • Video game consoles to television
      • Stereos
      • Audio/Video systems
      • Set parental controls upon customer request